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Last updated: 13 minutes ago.

Team Composition analysis

This data keeps being constantly updated, but as for the Q4-2017 meta we can draw a few conclusions.

  1. The difference among the most common comps is pretty small, only 1-3%.

  2. Even what I would consider terrible comps like 5 DPS have only slightly lower chance of victory. So next time you get a terrible comp in ranked, instead of just giving up you should probably try to win anyway.

  3. Data indicates that for the current meta the best comp is still 3 DPS, 1 tank and 1 support. Sometimes other comps have slightly highter win rate but might be due just variance.

  4. Teams with double sup, double tank or both tend to perform slightly worse. I suspect that if I could split it up by ranked division, teams with less DPS would perform better at highter ranks because teams with few DPS require more CC coordination and target priority to work properly. In fact in championships like HGC these comps are very popular.

I have tried further dividing tanks in off-tanks and DPS into siege specialist but the results were not good. It indicated that these different classes of heroes are not statistically different enough to be in a different class.

Thrall, Alarak, Raynor, Sgt. hammer, Gall, Xul, Samuro, Ragnaros, Chromie, Cassia, Sylvanas, Zul'jin, The butcher, Fenix, Nova, Murky, Junkrat, Jaina, Sonya, The lost vikings, Gazlowe, Genji, Azmodan, Valeera, Tychus, Zagara, Lunara, Falstad, Greymane, Nazeebo, Kel'thuzad, Li-ming, Kael'thas, Tracer, Zeratul, Illidan, Probius, Valla, Maiev, Kerrigan, Malthael, Abathur, Gul'dan, Hanzo.

Auriel, Lt. morales, Ana, Kharazim, LĂșcio, Alexstrasza, Stukov, Medivh, Rehgar, Tassadar, Tyrande, Brightwing, Uther, Malfurion, Li li, Deckard.

Artanis, E.t.c., Chen, Leoric, Dehaka, Cho, Blaze, Arthas, Garrosh,, Zarya, Muradin, Diablo, Rexxar, Johanna, Stitches, Tyrael, Varian, Anub'arak.

Composition Games % Victory
1101 45.96%
2440 52.13%
304 47.7%
510 48.43%
1678 47.5%
7960 50.41%
30361 51.23%
4439 45.46%
2022 50.74%
4653 50.83%
18022 49.57%