Welcome to HOTS Meta, a website focused on statistical analysis of data from Heroes of the Storm replays. Click here to learn how it works.

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Where does the data comes from?
It comes from extracting data from HOTS replays using heroprotocol which is a tool kindly made publicly available by Blizzard. These replays were uploaded to HOTSAPI, please install their downloader so we can all gather more data. Also consider donating to their Patreon page as they provide a great service for the community.

Why I don't see my build there?
I group up similar builds using an advanced machine learning algorithm. In the future I intend to have more details about individual builds performance.

Since when is this data being recorded?
I only consider data less than 1 months old. I do intend to have a time selection filter in the future when I get more data.

Is this service free?
Yes, I do intend to create premium services in the future for analysis of individual player's performance.

Sweet! How can I help this website to keep improving?
Share this website with your friends and in social media. It makes me really happy.

Can I use the art this website?
No, all the images related to the game Heroes of the Storm and the name itself are property of Blizzard and only they can give permission.