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Hello! My name is Tiago Zortea.

I have been a software engineer for many years and have specialized in Machine Learning. I was born in Brazil but I live in San Francisco.

I'm very passionate about analysing data specially about competitive games. I also LOVE Blizzard games, so much so I have played every single one of them including Blackthorne and Rock'n Roll Racing.

When playing HOTS I usually have so many questions.

  • What is the current meta in HOTS?
  • Is the talent build I'm making correct?
  • Could I have changed something to make it better?
  • How screwed am I if my team lacks healing?
  • If some heroes are better in some maps, by how much? Which heroes?
  • What is the proper composition for a team?
  • Did I do enough damage?
  • Did I die too much compared to other players of my skill level?
  • Should I have focused more on laning and less in teamfights?
People in general will answer these questions but I would rather trust data rather than opinion.

So... this is why I created this website. I hope you like it!

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at